Bendable battery that is thin like a paper

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Can you imagine that a battery is thin like a paper and bendable and cuttable?  A company in Taiwan has successfully designed and started mass production for this battery.

The battery is LCB (Lithium-Ceramic battery). The thickness is only 0.38 mm. Unlike liquid lithium/liquid electrolytes used in general lithium batteries, LCB uses a solid electrolyte of Lithium-Ceramic. Thus, there will no risk of battery leakage. Moreover, LCB will not catch fire, burn, or explode even if it is bent, impacted or punctured.

Pic courtesy: https://www.techbang.com/posts/18532-prologium-flcb-flexible-battery​

In general, all rechargeable lithium batteries have protection circuits that limit the voltage and prevent overcharging from causing permanent damage to the battery and battery explosion. But, the LCB is safe and functional without protection circuits.

LCB is the only lithium battery cell in the world that can be continuously bent freely without having a risk of burning or explosion after it is impacted or punctured. With its own specialty, we can find it in phone charger cases and some more wearable devices. Hopefully, we could see them in more applications in the future.


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