No more drunk driving with the device!

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We often see tragedy happened because of drunk driving from the news. In order to prevent drunk driving incidents, a startup had developed a portable Bluetooth breathalyzer.

Since it is the portable device, the size of it is very compact. The size and shape of this
With this portable breathalyzer, the user can understand their physical condition and know if they are suitable for driving.is just like a pen. With the compact size, users can take it everywhere they go.

Pic courtesy: https://www.saydigi.com/2018/11/414634.html

The device is also easy to use. After automatic heating, it will detect the alcohol content of the user with a single breath. With flashing LED lights, it will reflect if the alcohol content exceeds the standard. And, to avoid measurement inaccuracy from the air, the measurement will occur with breath pressure reach the measurement standard.

Will the accuracy be different from the portable breath tester and the police breath tester?  The developer team explained that the police breath tester is made of German sensor technology. And, the portable breath tester is made of Japan FIS semiconductor sensor technology. So, the portable breath tester can achieve close accuracy of the police one.

If your alcohol content exceeds the standard after testing, the device with connecting with an APP via Bluetooth to find a designated driver for you. Aside from that, the app can take pictures and record the data everytime you test. With this function, some bus companies have used this device to test their drivers.

With this amazing device, we can expect the drunk driving incident to be less and less. Every driver can understand their physical condition and prevent the occurrence of drunk driving!


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