Fighting for Honest - ZUGO E-commerce Platform

BY:Angela J. Hertz
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“Fighting for Honest is one of the key purposes that we build ZUGO  E-commerce Platform ”,  said by Alvin Hsu — the IT Director (Information and Technical Director) of ZUGO.

With the internet media blooming, such as E-bay, Yahoo, Alibaba ….etc, these media not only provided the knowledge, but also the free markets. Millions of sellers opened their shops in the internet, including the criminal groups. Most  people, including me, had a bad experience of fraud cases, like the wrong parts, fake products or receive an empty box. Through internet, these  poor & fake products are sold speedy into worldwide, which is  hundreds time faster than any age. No country is able to control it. Is it difficult to have an honest Electric Mall that provides the reliable and true products only?

“No. I don’t think so”. Alvin said: When TIPO inspection center called me to create a Clean and Honest Electric Mall together, I answered loudly “YES, I DO.”

From the view of the consumers, “Buying” is not just for products itself; the more they want is a nice experience of a smart and convenient shopping in internet. The concept of “Buying” is not just for the product’s function or fashion only. More and More people focus on “If it’s friendly with the environment, or not?”  In this design of ZUGO platform, the inspection process is added on the system. All customers are able to download the inspection report and picture before delivery. This is the one you could not find in any other internet media.

ZUGO -- over 2000 Honest factories united together here www.zugonow.com   to offer you the True & Reliable PRODUCTS only. Who would offer the true/reliable products; you are welcome to join in ZUGO, any time.  Any company who hates to buy the fake products
and is looking for reliable products, you are welcome to join in ZUGO,  and to be our customer any time.



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