Your favorite seafood will eventually come from the land

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The problem of overfishing is becoming severe. Deep-sea fish species are on the verge of extinction.
In the future, salmon may become food to only serve the wealthy. 

Photo credit: Wildtype

A startup-Wildtype believes that cell-cultivated seafood can protect wild species and oceans,
and help reverse trends of global food insecurity. 
Founded in San Francisco in 2016, Wildtype specializes in the production of cell-cultivated proteins.
The development core is sushi-grade salmon.It is cell-cultivated and it's a new seafood option that
provides the same nutritional benefits as the most pristine wild-caught fish, without the mercury,
microplastics, antibiotics, contaminants common in wild and farmed fish.

Before going on the market, there are still two issues to be resolved.
Cell-cultivated seafood has not yet been approved for commercialization by U.S. law.
For the price, the cell-cultivated protein costs more than traditional wild-caught or farmed proteins.
But, the price will no longer be a problem, if the scale of the company expands.

Photo credit: Wildtype

This year, the company decided to expand its scale to reduce production costs.
They built a pilot plant, and local residents can visit the factory to see the production process and try their products.
If this works, the company plans to replicate this model and build new plants across the country and even in other countries.
This will reduce the cost and solve the crisis of food shortage.


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