No more failures! The cure for weight control - Scio

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Most people may have the experience of tracking calories and nutrition for staying healthy and being fit. Sure, multiple  apps do a great job to help you manually keep track of those numbers; however, a more convenient and accurate device can finally be bought on the market. You can get calories and nutritional value of the food that you about to eat by just scanning it with a tiny device.

Photo courtesy: consumer physics Retrieved Jan 28, 2016 from https://www.consumerphysics.com/myscio/

The device is called Scio, which is a pocket molecular sensor for you to scan food, medicine, and more and get instant relevant information on your phone. For example, you can point it to a piece of chicken or bread.  It will transmit the information via  Bluetooth to smart phone and reveal the nutrition in Diet Sensor app.  Scio and diet sensor can also automatically keep track of your calories and nutrition consumption, giving you a better understanding of what you eat.

Photo courtesy: consumer physics Retrieved Jan 28, 2016 from https://www.consumerphysics.com/myscio/

You may wonder how it works and the accuracy.  In short, it’s a handheld molecular spectrometer. Scio's scanner illuminates the object and an optical sensor collects the spectrum, which will be sending to the firm's servers for analysis, with results being sent back to the user's phone.

Photo courtesy: histalkmobile.com Retrieved Jan 28, 2016 from http://histalkmobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2014-04-30_16-42-27.jpg

Scio, is not limited to analyzing food and nutrients.  It can be extended to myriad potential use. One usage is analyzing the chemical composition of the drug that you are about to take. An example is that it can successfully distinguish fake Viagra pills which are the world’s most counterfeited drug. It can also help with food intolerances by identifying foods high in gluten or sugar.

The possibilities of Scio are endless.  In the future, you can use Scio to measure properties of cosmetics, clothes, flora,soil, jewels, precious stones, leather, rubber, oils, plastics, and even your pet! Furthermore, Consumer Physics, the inventor of Scio is on the process of developing a molecular sensor that can be embedding in next generation’s smart phone.  Perhaps, we can scan everything surround us with our smartphone and having a better understanding of the physical environment in which we live.    









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