A lighter can help you quit smoking. Can you believe that?

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Are you a smoker trying to quit smoking?  Are you tired of failing over again and again in quit smoking?  A gadget can be your companion on your journey.  When you light a cigarette, it will show you warnings and how many harmful substances you are about to inhale.  Will you still want to smoke with knowing the ugly truth?

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The gadget is the smart lighter.  Unlike the conventional one, the smart lighter encourages the user to quit smoking.  LIGHTIR is one of the smart lighters.  It can record the owner’s smoking habits including time and locations. The owner can also set up the daily smoking limitation.  Once the lighter reaches the limitation, it will not light cigarettes.

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The lighter is made of Alumni alloy and polycarbonate- a flame resistant material.  The upper lid is shaping by CNC and processing by sandblasting.  The lower lid is skid proof and sweat-resistant.  It lights cigarettes with the heating element that the developer claims that it’s faster, durable, and will not emitting harmful air.  The users can charge it with Micro USB cable.  With full charge, it can light 40 to 80 cigarettes.

Photo courtesy: z.jd.com June. 3  Retrieved from http://z.jd.com/project/details/54285.html

The LIGHTIR can connect and send information to a phone via Bluetooth.  After connecting to social media, the user can set up the alarm to track smoking.  Moreover, it can monitor the amount of harmful substances, smoking time, and expense.  The data then can generate some warnings and the death clock to tell the user to quit smoking.  The lighter is now in crowdfunding phase in this May and scheduled to ship when crowdfunding finished.

If you want to order a smart lighter that is already in the market, Quitbit is your option.  The Quitbit has full metal body and LED screen that can display time, the numbers of smoking, and the last time you smoked.  It is rechargeable and lasts 1 week on a single charge.  With connecting to a phone, the customized app can provide the extra motivation for you.  You can see the data, make a plan, and share your progression of quitting smoking with your friends.

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From the monitoring point of view, the smart lighter indeed provides a clearer grasp of the users’ smoking habits.  In the smoking control aspect, the smart lighter seems have a lot of room for improvement.  As for stubborn smokers, if there is a new way to stop smoking, the smart lighter can be considered as a good choice.

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