Want to relax? Cannot sleep? Reading helps.

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When is the last time you read a book, days ago, months ago, or years ago?  Since we enter the digital era, we no longer rely on books or any publication to acquire information.  We can simply get what we want to know on a mobile device.  Though we get much more information than ever, we hardly process any of it.  Reading, on the contrary, can solve this problem and help us relax, according to experts.    

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Research shows that in general, we only spend 15 seconds on an online article.  It’s not hard to deduce that we only search for keywords instead of fully absorbing it.  Will that be a problem?  The answer may be positive.  When we don’t fully process what we see on the internet, it will store in our short-term memory which causes our long-term memory loss and weaken our logical thinking. 

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Reading, however, can solve this problem.   With consistently reading, we will significantly improve our memory and mentally capabilities, and become better thinkers and public speakers.  Study also shows that reading before bed can help us fight against insomnia.  It relieves stress by 68% with just six minutes which is more effective than music and milk.

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Psychologists think that when we read, we engage our imagination and construct the world in books which bring us into an altered state of consciousness.  When our minds enter the fiction world of words, the tension will disappear which relaxes our body and mind to prepare ourselves for sleep.

The benefit of reading is more than that.  When our stress level goes down, it reduces cortisol levels.  With lower levels of cortisol, we can sleep soundly and deal with stress better.  Research of Northern Illinois University also finds that readers tend to perform better on tests of cognitive functioning.  They test higher in vocabulary and generalized knowledge.   

With many undiscovered benefits, reading is no longer a boring thing for an adult but a mental exercise for general health.  So, grab a book and read it before bed.  It may be the healthiest thing you have done in a day.

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