The zero-energy AC beat the heat in Bangladesh

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What will you do to cool yourself down in a hot day?  You properly will turn on the AC and enjoy the cool air coming out of the vent.  But what if you don’t have an AC at home, what can you do?  You properly don’t have many options but to stand the uncomfortable sauna for 24/7.  This is the thing that many people in the developing countries need to deal with in hot summer.

Photo courtesy: sonic616 Aug,1 2016​ http://sonic616.blogspot.tw/2016/06/blog-post​

Many people in Bangladesh are suffering from the unbearably heat, yet no one can solve this problem.  The heat causes heatstroke and heat exhaustion and some people even die from the heatstroke.  For helping Bangladesh's citizens, a Bangladesh company comes up with a low-cost and environment-friendly solution.  It needs no power and easy to build.  It requires only some plastic bottles and a cardboard to make the air cooler.

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To make the cooler, they only need to cut the bottles in half and remove the top of bottle cap; then, cut the cardboard to fit the size of desire widow and drill bottleneck-sized holes in grid pattern on the cardboard. The final step is placing the bottles in the holes on the board and put the “AC” on the window.

Photo courtesy: observers Aug,1​ http://goo.gl/P7nV4n

The one that brings up the idea of zero power AC is Ashis Paul.  He is enlightened when he hears her daughter’s physic tutor explaining the changing of the pressure will cool down the air.  He experiments this physical principle for several times and finally makes the cooler with bottles and cardboards.

Photo courtesy: observers Aug,1 http://goo.gl/P7nV4n

The cooler works by the principle that the bottle's neck can compress the hot breeze and cool it down, which may drop the temperatures inside the house as much as five degrees.

Photo courtesy: observers Aug,1​ http://goo.gl/P7nV4n

Though many people have done experiments with this type of cooler and find the device does not support by any scientific proof, the device can still help people that suffer from the heat in Bangladesh to certain degrees.  





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