No More Afraid of getting a Shot!

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When we go to the hospital or clinic, we often hear children cry out loud.  Most of the reason is they are getting an injection.  We all have the experience of getting an injection, which may make us nervous or panic.  Is there another efficient treatment to replace injection?

Nitto Denko, a company in Japan, has developed percutaneous preparation for years.  They have the highest market share in bronchodilator and angina medicine around the world.  PassPort active transdermal drug delivery technology has combined micro-perforation technology and the technique of pasting medicated band-aid on skin.  Micro-perforation technology can let your skin pores been opened under a painless and safety condition.  Polymer biological drugs and hydrophilic drugs like peptide, nucleic acid, and protein, which originally cannot be absorbed by skin, can now be overcome.

PassPort System not only can replace injection and IV infusion through percutaneous administration, but also increase the convenient of self-medication.  This technology has broadened the way of new medicine development.  In Japan, there are some drug therapy already utilize this system, such as asthma and angina.

Photo courtesy: The Big Picture “Nitto Signs Partnership Agreement with Daiichi Sankyo” Retrieved May, 10, 2016 from https://www.nitto.com/tw/en/press/2016/0510.jsp

Controlling the size and quantity of skin pores and the composition of adhesive pharmaceuticals can generate pesticide effect and let your skin absorb the medicine in a short time, just like taking an injection.  Percutaneous preparation has the advantage of maintaining blood levels and decreasing the drug side effect.  So far the applicable medicine is still not much, so there is still a long way to go we can totally avoid injection.

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