Is this kind of Love? Clone Pet.

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Do you have a pet?  Are you a dog lover or cat lover?  How about the miniature pig, one of the most popular pets in the United Kingdom?  No matter what kind of pets, people have their own reason to love them.  However, are you willing to say goodbye to your dear pets?


Cloning animal has always been a controversial issue all the time.  Some pet owners have strong bonds with their pets and they cannot deal with the death, so they will choose to clone their pet, using the DNA from their own pet.  A company in South Korea has produced more than 800 cloned dogs over the past decade with a price of US$ 100,000 for each dog.

Using the DNA cloned technology can produce the same breed, appearance, and even size of the pet, but the personality may be slight difference due to the owner won't raise the pet exactly the same as before.  One of the famous cloned dogs is Trackr, the search and rescue dog from 911 Disaster.

A company in China even offers customized genetic modification pet.  The customer can choose the color and pattern of the miniature pig and “Create” a personal piggy.  A normal mini-pig can live around 10 year, but this cloned pig can live triple times longer, which is almost 30 years.

The clone technology cab be utilized on expand meat and dairy production, or disease research.  From the first cloned sheep, Dolly to the cloned dog nowadays, there are still so many issues to discuss, such as moral and religious factions.  Is clone a blessing or a curse?  We'll see.


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