Smart home technology makes life easier

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For decades, many people have a fantasy that they can control every device at home by their voice or a remote control.  For example, they want to turn on an air conditioner or light by voice command.  As the technology advances, their dreams come true.  Now, people can nearly control every appliance at home with their phone, voice, and even their motion.

Photo courtesy: smarthome.city May. 2, 2016 Retrieved from‚Äč http://smarthome.city/2015/07/15/what-can-an-australian-smart-home-do-this-2015/?v=3d9975706be3

The technology that completes this fantasy is smart home technology; and in fact, it can do more than just turning home appliances on and off.  Smart home is featuring home entertainment, home security, home monitoring, smart appliances, and so on.  It is a true life hack that makes our life much easier.

The devices, systems, and networking protocols of smart home technology vary from company to company, but they all consist of home centers, sensors, smart plugs, cameras, controllers, alarms, and hubs to connect everything in users’ houses.  A story below can fully demonstrate how smart home can make life easier.

When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, the sensors will detect the ringing and trigger the smart plug to turn on the coffee machine.  At the same time, the controllers will open the window curtains and turn on the stereo acoustics to play your favorite songs.  Then, you can groom yourself in this pleasant environment.  When you are done, you can grab your fresh coffee and leave for work.    

After you arrive your office, you recall that you didn’t feed your pet this morning.  In order to fix that, all you need to do is to open the smart feeder app and control the smart feeder.  You can also use you phone to monitor whatever your pet is doing.  Later, you receive a message of someone ringing your doorbell.  To find out who it is, you can just use your phone to watch the real time video of the door camera.  As it turns out, it’s your new neighbors come by and say hi.

While you are working in the office, the temperature and humidity detectors at home are working automatically and will turn on the dehumidifier or the air conditioner when the humidity level or temperature reaches your setting.  When you are about to go home after a busy working day, you can turn on the rice cooker, defrosting a fish in the fridge and open the air conditioner with your phone.  Then you can enjoy the cool air and fresh dinner when you get home.  After that, you can lie down on the sofa, turn on your TV by voice and enjoy the hit movies.

The story may sound unrealistic, but surprisingly it is happening in our world.  Many manufactures have already released their smart home products to help you build your smart home.  With those products, you can greatly improve your quality of life and increase your productivity.  In the near future, more and more smart home products will flood on the market and bring the infinite possibilities and convenience of smart home to users.


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